Luce Lamoureux

Art painter

Luce Lamoureux paints luminous and dazzling works by suggesting forms of flowers with elegance and a little folly.

Early in his career, the artist was fascinated with the medium of watercolor, which does not allow the error, gave her many challenges. For several years, his favorite subject was transposed to the acrylic medium which will lead to a broad interpretation of its subject. Now, Luce Lamoureux explores this medium with exceptional address while making us to discover the flowers she interprets with a very fantasy way.

This artist transports us to another unreal world, going as far as the abstraction of the floral form. Lots of movement and a beautiful gesture where the line and the colored forms transport us in an exceptional reverie. His works are also an intimate journey where one feels the play between the brightness of light and the effects of matter allowing his brush to render a stylization belonging only to the personal vision of this artist.

She obtained a Bachelor ès Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal and took courses and workshops with various famous artists. They can be found her works in several solo exhibitions each year. Her work has been shown at the Gallery Art & Miss in Paris, the Richelieu Art Gallery, Gallery Christine Genest Cap Santé and Symbol Art Gallery in Montreal. She was selected by the Société National des Beaux-Arts in Paris to be part of the Canadian delegation at the Carrousel du Louvre. She also participated in many symposiums in both Quebec and Ontario.